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How productive could you be if your loan officers spent more time talking to prospective mortgage purchase buyers and productive real estate buyer agents, taking loan applications, building real estate agent relationships, closing deals, and spending less time trying to find agents or new customers?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a source like Richard Tocado generating solid, mortgage pre approval leads for your team?

Richard Tocado and Go Fast Media, LLC has a unique system of generating in-house leads for loan officers that can deliver live transfer and internet leads. No assistant to hire, no set up fees, and no hassles. And the leads are coming in, every day, and the Realtor pipeline is growing everyday.!

Richard’s team has formulated a successful way of generating and processing inquiries from people looking to finance homes. Call Richard at (704) 935-3588 to find out how our program can work for you!

In the current financial market, some mortgage companies simply won’t make it in the purchase market. They won’t attract and close enough home buyer prospects and real estate agent relationships. If you don’t have agent relationships your not going to thrive in the purchase market. At the same time, mortgage companies that tap the most efficient technologies to bring qualified purchase prospects to their salespeople and help build the best Realtor relationships will grow and prosper in current market conditions.

Here are a few reasons to consider Richard Tocado for your next home mortgage leads:

  • Every lead you purchase is exclusively yours. When the lead is contacted, your originator is not the third or fourth mortgage broker to call this week. They are the only one with the prospect’s information.
  • 100% In house generated mortgage leads. We don’t depend on third parties to get our leads. We generate all of them using our unique system of marketing, promotions and sponsorships.
  • All purchase mortgage leads are mortgage related to make sure your compliant with the CFPB. Our system puts your loan officers in the position to sell a person who has just learned about your offer and taken a positive step to indicate interest in getting a mortgage and connecting with a Realtor to buy a home.

Every one of our mortgage clients is different. Whether you are targeting your offer at real estate purchasers or sellers, or consumers considering refinancing their current home, we have the right type of lead for you.

In sales, the more qualified prospects a salesperson speaks to, the more deals he or she closes. Let us help you help your salespeople to get closer to some of the best, most loyal customers out there.

Call Richard Tocado at 800-217-5602 or email rtocado@rtocado.com right now for a no-obligation consultation that will help your salespeople spend more time with quality leads.


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